Hi, I’m Jake.

I enjoy using technology to develop interactive eLearning solutions that include various multimedia assets.

About Me

My Experience: I’m an Instructional Designer with a background in Content Development. Since receiving my Master’s degree I’ve worked in the corporate industry where I’ve been designing and developing eLearning courses, infographics, videos, and supporting documents for career milestone events. I’ve also had the opportunity to build a brand new learning platform that is being used by over 5,000 employees at a large general contracting company.

My Approach: Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications with previous experience in podcasting and talk radio production, I thrive when working on eLearning projects that incorporate multimedia assets such as animated videos, podcasts, 360 images, or virtual reality. I believe that people learn best when storytelling is involved. Any time there’s an opportunity to tell a story through eLearning, I use my former broadcasting voice as a narrater or a character. Whether it’s a short video series sprinkled throughout a Storyline project or a guided 360 tour, including multimedia in my authoring process allows me to break content down into digestible chunks, keeping my audiences engaged with their training.

My Process: I begin each project by studying the content or topic and determining the best method(s) of instruction based on my analysis. Early on, I like to establish a rapport with SMEs, stakeholders, and the project team. Having an established communication channel allows me to touch base throughout the project timeline and ensure that the solution is on pace to solve the problem the client seeks to address. Once the tools are decided on and a relationship is in-place, it’s go-time.

My Life: Outside of my work, I partake in social activities such as playing on an intramural softball team. I am fairly active, going to the gym a few times a week and finding time to hike outside. I am a big fan of the Baltimore Orioles and the Baltimore Ravens. I have been to countless home games in Charm City and am making an effort to attend more road games. I love country music and go to several concerts each year to see my favorite artists. I play the guitar but have had trouble keeping up with that in recent months. Cooking is something else I’ve gotten into. I am always open to trying a new recipe and expanding my skillset as a home chef.

When I’m Out of Office…